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2K Injection mold, known as two shot injection mold, two shot mold, twin-shot mold, dual-shot mold, double color mold, double shot mold, 2K mold and 2K tooling, Double Injection mold, bi-injection mold, Multi-material or multi-component injection mold.

Stebro Mold是中国的专业两次注射模具制造商。我们可以在短时间内生产2K注射模具。我们的模具工厂可以帮助您从2K产品零件设计分析,工具设计和2K注入模具制造中制作双重注射模具。我们提供各种功能和过程,以满足每个塑料注塑零件的技术要求,量和成本目标,例如旋转板两次模具,核心旋转两次模具,索引板两次模具,核心切换两发霉菌,腔滑动结构和安装在2K注射模具上的第二个注射单元。





We provide plastic rapid prototyping services and complete product development. These services including CNC machining, SLA plastic prototype , SLS plastic prototype, Vacuum Casting and Low Volume Injection Molding.

2K Mold Manufacturing


2K Injection Molding

A Full Services Custom Plastic Injection Molding Company providing Complete Product Development to Mass Part Production in China. Low & High Volume Injection Molding, Insert Molding, Over Molding & Vertical Injection Molding

2K part design

  1. 壁厚之间的过渡应逐渐减少流动问题,例如后填充和气体陷阱。
  2. 应避免深,无法通风的盲袋或肋骨。
  3. Long draws should have a 3-5° draft per side to aid component ejection.
  4. TPE的厚度应小于或等于基板的厚度,以防止经扭曲。这对于长而平坦的几何形状尤其重要。
  5. Uniform wall thickness in product is preferred to obtain the best molding cycle time and avoid shrink mark. Wall thicknesses ranging from 1.5 mm-3 mm will ensure good bonding in most overmolding applications. If the part requires the use of thick TPE sections, they should be cored out to minimize shrinkage problems, reduce the part weight and lower cycle time.


We insist mold construction design, steel quality and precise manufacturing is the key to achieve two shot injection mold with excellent performance. Our mold design principle is the mold must be durable, high efficiency and easy to do the maintance and manufacturing.

  1. Shrinkage factor for both materials.
  2. 塑料成分壁厚,均匀的壁厚厚度优先。
  3. Number of cavities in the two shot injection mold
  4. Plastic material feeding systems. Runner and Gate
  5. Core and cavity cooling system
  6. Component ejection system.
  7. To avoiding burn mark, air vent is necessary.
  8. 注射成型Type

2K Injection Mold Manufacturing

To speed up the two shot injection mold manufacturing process without sacrificing quality, you need the right technology. We use UG to design and manufacture 2K molds. The 2K Mould manufacturing was done totally according to the 3D mold design. For manufacturing the 2K mold, we use different manufacturing machines such as Mikron CNC, AgieCharmiles EDM, Sodick Slow Wire Cut machine, Grinding Machine and Gun Drill Machine. After machining all the components, we have to measure the key size on the CMM machine. It is very important to avoid flash at the parting surface.

Step by Step from 2K Part Design to Finish product

  • 1,预览组件
  • 2,产品设计输入和研究
  • 3,支持模具设计的细节,例如腔编号,零件材料,收缩等。
  • 4, Mold Layout
  • 5,霉菌设计
  • 6, Mold Flow Analysis
  • 7,工具钢的选择
  • 8, Mold Manufacturing
  • 9,霉菌组件和霉菌试验

Vertical Integration

Single-source, vertically integrated, Stebro Mold makes the transition to injection molding with new tooling easier and more flexible. We can easily handle your T-0, T-1 sample and short run production before the tool’s ships to its` home location or as many parts as needed to launch your program or fill your future production. Learn more about our in-house 2K Injection Molding.

Advantage, Disadvantage and Applications of Two Shot Mold


  • 高生产效率
  • No need for additional tools and production steps
  • 增强的触觉和化妆品功能
  • 高精度和稳定的零件质量
  • 改善触摸感觉
  • Optimum bonding with minimum time and labor


  • 2K模具很昂贵
  • 您必须在2K注射机器中运行2K模具
  • 两种塑料材料之间的组合必须很好


  • 柔软的增强功能,将热塑性塑料和一个组件中的硅胶结合在一起,例如手动工具,写作仪器和牙刷
  • Performance improvements, combining different material properties for an Ideal solution, such as XXXXX.
  • Enhance cosmetics features, permanent graphics through the use of additional colored resins, such as xxxx.


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