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Stebro Mold can handle your prototype molds requirements without compromise and deliver added value through a rigorous quality assurance process. Prototype mold known as soft mold, test mold, development mold, bridge tooling, short run production tooling or pre-production mold. A plastic injection molding prototype mold can be very important in the development of a new product, offering a fast, low-cost tooling solution for producing parts for fit and function testing. Prototype molds also offer the advantages of testing the molding process and molding with the production material, so any process- or material-based design flaws are discovered early on, saving time and money in development. It is a bridge to connect the low volume production to mass production.

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We help you to optimize the plastic product design & development for Injection Molded Products to saving you time and cost in Plastic Design, Mold Manufacturing, Plastic Injection Molding & Part Assembly.

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Prototype Mold Manufacturing

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Different types of Prototype Molds

Making prototype molds is as much as art as it is a science and there are a range of feasible mold types that can be utilized in order to develop prototype parts. Here are some of the few common variants for prototype molds:

1, MUD Molds

MUD Molds stands for Master Unit Die molds. Sometimes, it also can refer as Mother moldbase with interchangeable inserts or quick change mold. It includes mold insert and moldbase, the inserts can share the same moldbase. Usually the mold manufacturer owns the mold base and will manufacture the insert by CNC, EDM and wire cut according to the design. It can reduce your up-front injection mold investment while maintaining the production quality and unit part cost.

2, Prototype Hand Tooling

Hand tooling options simplify the mold a lot, the production of the part requires the operator to put the insert or slider into the mold by hand, then demold parts after the injection process is complete. For example, the part with inner thread, if you make it as a full automatic mold, you have to make it as a unscrewing mold, the price mold is high. If the part volume is low, you can make the thread as a insert, put the insert into the mold for molding, demold the insert by hand. Prototype mannual tooling is by far the most cost-effective means of injection molding a part.

3, Aluminum Mold Tooling

Manufacturing Aluminum is easier than manufacturing steel.

4, Steel Prototype Mold

If we use steel prototype mold, we can check both the part design, tooling structure and production issues.

Choosing the right type of prototype mold can be complicated as there are many options available. However, if you know the material and design that you want to develop, it can help you decide which type of variant should you used. Each of the types has its pros and cons that you can take into consideration before choosing the one that suits your requirements.

Prototype Mold Manufacturing

Stebro Mold has built its success and reputation on the ability to get their customers’ parts to market quickly and cost effectively without compromising quality. Having the mold designer and mold builder in house is preferable as it eliminates finger pointing and helps hold tight timelines.
Our tooling department is capable of building production quality low-volume injection molds in less than 2-4 weeks and in some cases, even faster. We use UG software to do the part design and mold design, powermill software to do the CAM. Equipped with high speed Mikron CNC, Charmiles EDM machines, Sodick slow wire cut machines and Kent grinding machines, metal removal rate is much faster and leave a better surface finish reducing or eliminating the need for benching or polishing procedures. For all the EDM Sufaces such as VDI3400 can be achieved by Charmiles EDM eliminating the need for costly texturing procedure and reducing deliveries as well. Our short run tool manufacturing and project management are continually looking at the latest technology and standards – providing our customers with unparalleled quality and service.

Advantages of prototype molds

  • Ability to test different plastic material
  • Limit the concept risk, Able to check if the part fills properly without any defects such as sink marks, buring, flow marks, welding lines and voids
  • Optimize gate location
  • Modify mold to improve geometry as needed
  • Ideal for complex parts with difficult geometry
  • Accelerate the concept, Saves production time
  • 限制了金融风险,节约成本

While many of our projects focus on complete molds instead of prototypes, we do have the skills and supplies to build prototypes when needed. Many of our clients aren’t sure how to move forward with a new product in the early stages. We help you develop an efficient and cost-effective evaluation before committing to a mold for final production.

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