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Stebro Mold是定制塑料过量的领导者。过度刻度是一种注射成型过程,使用两种或更多不同的材料组合创建了一个零件,它是多物质成型的琐事。在注射型机器上使用两个单独的注射模具,在过度耗尽过程中将两种材料粘合在一起,形成具有独特视觉或人体工程学吸引力的塑料零件和组件。传统上,过度构造的始于注射塑料树脂,该树脂具有较高的Metling点。然后,一旦冷却了该部分,将在第一部分中塑造另一种塑料树脂(通常是TPE,TPU或TPV)的柔软材料。有时被称为弹性弹性过度,弹性体过度过度。小的触摸过量触摸触觉可以对产品价值产生重大影响。正确地将其取决于硬塑料和软塑料之间的键强度,必须仔细选择每种材料以确保化学兼容性以及热兼容性。

With overmolding, you can improve the functionality, look, and bond strength of your product while saving time and reducing costs.

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You can design the product and we can build it to your specs, just provide us the engineering drawings and we can go from there. Our experienced engineering and tooling teams work with you to make sure your parts and tools are designed properly to account for shrink and other variables when overmolding. If you’re wondering if your interconnect product can benefit from over molding, contact us. We’ll be honest and discuss whether over molding is even right for you.


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Overmolding is not without its limitations. Several factors must be weighed before determining if it is the best solution as below:

  • One main consideration is that the two materials must be compatible, chemically and thermally.
  • Since we have to put the first piece into the injection molding for overmolding, the first parts have to withstand the temperature needed to melt the second material.
  • The wall thickness of the substrate and overmold should be as uniform as possible to obtain the best molding cycle time. Wall thickness between 1.5MM to 3MM generally provide the best bonding.
  • 保持拐角处最小0.5mm可减少局部应力。
  • For the thick TPE sections, cored out to minimize shrinkage problems, reduce the part weight and lower cycle time.
  • Avoid deep or un-ventable blind pockets or ribs in your design.
  • Transitions between wall thickness should be gradual to reduce flow problems, such as back fills and gas traps.
  • TPE/TPU/TPV的厚度应不如基板厚,以防止经扭曲,尤其是对长,平坦的几何形状至关重要。
  • Design in a mechanical interlock when possible


  • Start with small TPE injection gates to obtain best TPE fill with minimum cosmetic gate vestige. Large gates should be avoided.
  • Gates should be located at the thickest TPE wall section.
  • 应考虑从工具中进行适当的组件弹射,以最大程度地减少软弹性体表面上的标记。
  • It is critical that adequate cooling is provided to the TPE cavity through proper mold cooling techniques to minimize cycle time.


Overmolding Advantages

  • 降低二级运营,组装和人工成本
  • Improved physical and mechanical performance
  • Improved product integrity, reliability, and safety
  • 增强设计灵活性和多物质组件
  • Improve the touch feel
  • 增强合身和密封

Overmolding Application

Overmolded plastics find a wide range of application in multiple industries. Plastic over plastic, rubber over plastic, plastic over metal and rubber over metal are typical overmolding application. Some of the most common applications of overmolding include:

  • Electrical components
  • Automotive parts
  • Brackets and handles
  • 运动和休闲设备
  • Plastic or metal parts with a soft grip handle
  • 各种电气设备的塑料外壳
  • 移动工业设备的定制手柄握把
  • Plastic components for Medical Devices and Medical instruments
  • 小型组件,例如控制旋钮和按钮,用于各种类型的电器
  • Outdoor Power Equipment Products such as hand tools or garden tools

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