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What is Insert Injection Molding?

插入injection moulding is the manufacturing process of installing inserts into the plastic mold before injecting the molten material, in order to form part of the final product. It is also called insert molding, or insert moulding in the UK. First inserts are placed in the mold, then molten resin is injected into it and allowed to harden. After the plastic is cooled, the part is ejected out with the inserts and plastics forming one piece.

Plastic insert molding is ideal for improving the strength and reliability of a component and can help save on cost and production time. Insert molding replaces metal and plastic secondary operation assemblies, and components made solely of plastic or metal. This unique insert molding process combines metal and plastic, ceramics, or multiple combinations of materials, components, and plastic into a single unit.

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插入Molding Design Considerations:

插入molding design rules are similar to standard injection molding.

  • Maintain proper draft angles to let the part released from the mold.
  • Uniform wall thicknesses. Uniform wall thicknesses. A wall section that is too thin can lead to structural failure or poor insulation characteristics. A wall section that is too thick, even locally, can result in appearance defects and an overweight component.
  • Good design of ribs and support ribs and bosses,
  • Hollow out thick sections,
  • Add smooth transitions,
  • Round all edges,
  • Undercut. Undercuts of part geometry in the mold should be avoided if possible through redesign.
  • Avoid unneeded component features
  • Proper use of radii, corners and fillets to keep uniform wall thickness and reduce stress concentrations in a part.
  • Part surface, textures or polish. Textures and lettering can often be molded into the surface of a part. It can also help to hide surface imperfections such as weld lines.

这些都是好的建议,同样适用于我nsert molding. However, when you have an insert moulding process, there are many factors for mold design engineers to consider when designing or constructing insert molding tooling. Some of the main considerations of insert moulding process include:

  • Evaluating Material Bonding and Adhesion.
  • Plastic components and metal inserts are designed for mechanical bonding.
  • Avoid sealing off plastic with R angel as much as possible or enlarge R angel as much as possible to reduce the risk of plastic overflow.
  • Putting the inserts into the mold by Robot or manual.
  • Holding the inserts during the insert moulding process and so on.


  • Brass, blinded threaded, threaded inserts, threaded steel parts,
  • Steel, stainless steel, screw machine parts, metal stampings,
  • Photo chemical etched parts, cold headed parts, die-cut plastic parts,
  • Insulated wires, flexible circuits, lead frames, ceramic, composite insulators

插入Injection Molding Manufacturing Services

Stebro Mold is a professional insert mold manufacturer and insert molding specialist. We are the best insert molding company in China, and provide excellent insert molding service. We offer extensive engineering and design support to aid customers with insert design and material selection. Our integrated consultation, design and manufacturing process delivers a complete insert-molded assembly.

We are professional at insert moulding process and use advanced Engel Vertical Injection molding machines with a rotatable plate for the insert injection molding production and high-quaility insert molding products. First, The vertical injection molding press can use gravity to keep the insert in place as the mold is closed. As the molten plastic resin is slowly poured into mold, it helps hold the insrt in a fixed position. With the rotatable plate, we can upload one cavity side and two core sides on the vertical injection molding machine. While one core side is in the injection molding process with the cavity side, the other core side is available to be loaded with the inserts, cycle time is reduced.

As a professional insert molding company, we work closely with our molding partners, and try to provide the best insert molding part for them.

As a full service insert molded parts specialist, our Insert Injection Molding Services include:

  • Procurement or manufacture of Inserts
  • Mold Design and Mold Manufacturing for the Insert Injection Mold
  • 插入Molding include low volume and high volume Mass Production
  • Part Design Assistant on the insert-molded plastic parts
  • Plastic Materials Selection for Plastic Insert Molding

插入Molding Company in China

At the global insert molding market, the area of Asia Pacific insert moulding market nearly led the demand for molding with the most market size. Insert molding company in China has the advantages form both government and local market.

Advantages of Insert Molding Company in China

  • Lower labor cost cause lower price with high quality and mass production
  • High molding technique to avoid the defects of molding
  • Professional molding service, and specialized molding instruction for you
  • More fierce market led the Chinese insert molding company more competitive

If you are looking for insert molding partners, insert molding company in China is the best choice for you. They have more advantages at insert moulding, and provide excellent insert moulding.


Benefits of Insert Molding Process

  • Reduced assembly Time and labor costs
  • Reduction of component size and weight
  • Enhanced product design flexibility
  • Increased flexibility for more complex shapes and components
  • Increased reliability by removing adhesives and fasteners
  • Higher strength and durability, Improved strength and structure
  • Product consistency
  • Accurate, repeatable high tolerance

插入Molding VS Over Molding

最常见的一种塑料注塑processes application are overmolding and insert molding.

插入Molding also called insert moulding is insert a separate part into the mold prior to the molten plastic is injected into the mold cavity. By doing this, the two parts are fused together, becoming one piece. Normally we put the metal parts into the mold for the inserting mold.

Overmolding is another way to combine multiple parts into one single piece. The base layer is molded first and the additional plastic layer is molded over and around the original part – resulting in a single and finished product. Overmolding is often used to add a soft material to an existing product. It is also used to create two-color part.

Both Insert injection molding and over molding can be done through manual or automation.

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