Why Choose Mold Manufacturers in China?

Many companies have found that making mold manufacturing overseas is not cost-effective. The expensive shipping costs, as well as the delivery delays through customs, make it worthwhile to do the actual tooling in local. You may probably heard bad stories about the Chinese injection molds being of low quality. But the outsourcing market of plastic mold China has grown steadily, there are many companies all over the world that continues to buy China plastic injection mold or China injection mold service; some of them placing big volume orders and some even opening their own sourcing office in China.



成本。中国模具制造商s can manufacture high-quality molds and injection mold service as well as American and European companies but at competitively lower prices, typically, 30-60% lower than US mold makers.

Quality.中国模具制造商s are arguably the best in the injection molding industry. As a powerhouse in the world of plastic injection mold, mold manufacturers in China can provide extensive knowledge and expertise for your company when it comes to plastic injection molding.

Flexibility.中国模具制造商sare able to produce an extensive scope of injection molds. And mold manufacturers in China also make a complete China injection mold service. China plastic injection mold includes the low volume prototype molds to high-quality mass production injection molds.

Speed.The lead time for China injection molds is faster. Normally 3-8 weeks depends on the tool size and complex.中国的霉菌制造商可以通过合理的工人安排每周24小时,每周7天处理霉菌。

Mature supply chain system.在主要制造区域,中国的塑料注射模具制造商拥有一套成熟的供应链系统,用于从原材料购买到制造到物流的塑料模具制造。

Services.You can ask for China mold makers to provide China injection mold service whenever you need them. And responsible Chinese mold manufacturers will try their best to reach your requirements.

Many injection molding companies using both local and international mold makers in order to meet their budget and delivery needs for their customers. China mold suppliers are responsible and responsible for every customer. China mold makers can help you to divert your money into growing the business whilst maintaining high-quality China plastic injection mold and process standards. Using several reliable mold manufacturing suppliers ensures that the mold is delivered on time by avoiding the bottleneck of pushing everything through a single shop.

How to select a Chinese injection mold supplier?



2, If you are interested in ordering China plastic injection mold, you can ask China mold makers to send you the DFM report before the purchase order. Finding reliable Chinese mold manufacturers is very important for your business. You can see below information from the DFM report:

  • General Information about Part data such as Part dimension, part weight, plastic material
  • General Information about mold data including mold steel, mold shrinkage, feed system, gate type
  • Mould Layout and Mould Size
  • Gate Locations
  • Draft Angle Analysis
  • 墙壁厚度分析,厚截面,薄截面,肋骨/boss与壁厚比
  • Parting lines
  • Lifters or slides
  • Warp Analysis
  • 焊接线
  • 水槽区域
  • 表面饰面
  • Ejector Pin Locations
  • Tolerances
  • Shut-Off Conditions
  • 薄工具条件

Then you can see whether China plastic injection mold fits your requirement and how to optimize the part design.

3, Check the mold maker’s Quality Systems


5, After the confirmation on the DFM and PO, then China injection mold makers can start the mold design. You can ask China mold makers to send you the Moldflow analysis based on the mold design to vertify the filling, warpages and so on.

6, After the mold design confirmation, you can ask China injection mold supplier to send you the tooling plan every week. You also can ask Plastic injection mold manufacturers in China to send you the steel certification and hardness report to check the steel quality and hardness.


8, Before China plastic injection mold delivery, ask them to send you the pictures for the electrodes, spare parts, 2D drawings and all the other related technical documents.

Where can I find mold manufacturers in China?



You can find China mold makers on social websites such as Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.


You can find injection mold service China at the Trade Show such as Canton Fair or Aisamold, etc.

或者,如果您有机会参观东圭城的专门工业部分,那么您可以在其中找到其中的20个。仅中国是巨大的,应该被认为是许多不同的地区,而不是一个大区域。一些区域提供大部分中国塑料注射模具。现在,中国模具供应商拥有完整的系统。当您想购买中国塑料注射模具时,请从主要的制造区域购买,那里为中国塑料注射霉菌提供高质量的最高塑料,例如Dongguan Guangdong,Ningbo Zhejiang,Huangyan Zhejiang和Suzhou Jiangsu。

China mold factory: Injection Mold Manufacturing market analysis in China.


Guangdong – the leader in China

Guangdong is the most important mold market and the largest mold export and import province in China today. More than 40% of China plastic molds output value comes from Guangdong, especially Shenzhen mold maker is the numerical control rate of mold processing equipment and the performance of the equipment, mold processing technology, production professionalism, and standardization lead other domestic provinces and cities. Currently, Guangdong has 5 of the top 10 companies in the country, and the world’s largest mold base supplier and Asia’s largest mold manufacturer are located in Guangdong. With the further optimization of Guangdong’s industrial structure, the development of petrochemical, automotive, high-tech, and many other industries have put higher demands on Guangdong’s mold manufacturing. In the next few years, Guangdong’s mold manufacturing will become increasingly sophisticated and complex. It will provide better China injection mold service.

Shanghai—Information industry and automotive industry mold dominated


Zhejiang – the most proportion of plastic mold

Zhejiang mold industry is mainly concentrated in Ningbo and Taizhou. Ningbo’s Ninghai, Yuyao, Cixi and Yinzhou mainly produce plastic molds, Beilun mainly produces die-casting molds, and Xiangshan and Zhoushan mainly manufacture casting and stamping molds. The main mold production enterprises in Taizhou are concentrated in Huangyan and Luqiao, with plastic molds accounting for the majority.

Jiangsu——Foreign investment and private operation

There are many wholly-owned and joint ventures in Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Germany, the Netherlands, the United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and many private mold companies; Suzhou Lampe Casting, Yuanqing Mold and other companies mainly produce auto engines and wheel hub die casting molds and casting molds, Kunshan Zhongda mold base, Kunshan precision mold standard parts, Kunshan Huaxing mold guide parts and other enterprises specialize in the production of various large mold bases, mold guide parts, mold springs and other standard parts.

Nowadays Chinese mold manufacturers have a complete manufacturing system from production to delivery. Most Chinese mold manufacturers offer their customers online, they will finish the order responsibly.

Why Choose Stebro Mold?

  1. We are a foreign enterprise factory instead of a trading company, with no brokers, no middleman, Western quality, Affordable prices.
  2. All of our injection molds or plastic parts are for export. Our main market is in Europe and North America. We have rich experience in engineering and have good communication skills in English.
  3. We are located in Dongguan, it has a set of mature supply chain systems for mold manufacturing from the raw material purchase to manufacturing to logistics, deliveries can be made quickly via the port or airport of Shenzhen or Guangzhou.
  4. From part design to final product delivery, all are under one roof.
  5. Equipped with advanced manufacturing equipment such as Mikron high-speed CNC machines, Charmiles EDM machines, Sodick slow wire cut machines, Kent grinding machines, Engel Injection molding machines and CMM machines.
  6. Available 24 hours
  7. IP Protection

If you want to find mold maker in China, Stebro is a good choice for you. We offer solutions for plastic injection mold upon requirements and budget plan with timely service.

  • DFM
  • 2D & 3D Mold Design
  • Mold Flow Analysis
  • Mold manufacturing for production molds with side-action cores, Single Cavity Molds, Multi-Cavity Molds, Unscrewing Molds, Insert Molds, Over Molds, Family Molds, Gas-Assist Mold, Two-Shot Molds and Hot Runner Molds, mold life from 200K up to 1 million shot.
  • Prototype Molds or MUD insert mold to lower the cost and meet rapid market mold guarantee time.
  • Mold Changes, Maintenance & Repair
  • Tooling transfer

Are you ready to start your mold project with China mold makers Now? Call us or send us an e-mail, we will send you the price within 24 hours.


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